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Fighting American Origin Story.

Scene 1
scene1 Transformed by science to become America's premeire super-soldier, John Flagg led the battle for freedom during the cold war in an effort to prevent the spread of communism throughout the free world.
Scene 2
scene2Following one of the greatest losses of his career, however, John Flagg retired his costume, leaving behind a legacy of heroism paralleled by few. One day during retirement, General Cole from the military visits with some bad news... the Iron Cross is re - organizing. Is this news enough to bring Fighting American out of retirement?
Scene 3
scene3The Iron Cross's threat is enough to make John Flagg put aside the promise he made to his partner SpeedBoy to never fight again.
Scene 4
4He goes to headquarters to brief the mission. They inform him that he has a new partner. Even worse, the new sidekick is a robot. Will S.P.I.C.E. prove to be a trustworthy ally for John? There is one way to find out. You must read this book!