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purgatori in action

cover shotPurgatori Fan Paradise.From Chaos! Comics in 1999, the story of Sakkara, an Egyptian slave girl and lover of the Queen. She was betrayed by the Queen who married the General Ramses who ordered Sakkara's death. She escaped and was transformed into a vampire by Rath's blood.

thumbShe was born in Egypt (1390 B.C.) and raised in the city of Alexandria, her parentage is not known but she has the blood of Fallen Angels flowing in her veins. She was one of half of the population that was enslaved to work on Queen Ostraca's lavish tomb that ensured her passing into the afterlife. Sakkara had to work in the hot sun, brutally whipped by the male guards.

2The Queen came to inspect the progress in her chariot and almost ran Sakkara over. She was going to berate the slave girl for not moving fast enough but became entranced with the girl's blue eyes and beauty. Queen Ostraca was known for her love of women and Sakkara became the greatest woman in her harem eventually marrying the Queen and living a life of utter bliss and luxury. 

faceBut her life once again changed when Queen Ostraca realized the rebellious slave force would soon quit working on her tomb and she would not enter the afterlife. So after making a deal with General Ramses, he became Pharaoh as long as he would keep the population in check and he would be her only lover.3So her harem was slaughtered and when Sakkara returned to see this she escaped the guards by jumping out a window in a suicide attempt, but fate intervened and she landed in a wagon of carpets. So after thinking things over she decided she did not want to die, she wanted immortality, and vengeance. Sheeventually found the vampire Rath, and convinced him to grant her these powers.

purgatori vs vampirella